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Your Sponsors Name: Mel Baxter-Smith (mbs1)
We believe by taking our 24 hour FREE TRIAL, this will give you a much better understanding of how our streaming services really can give you everything you want and need without paying so much more for all the other services.
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Our Compensation Plan

In addition to our amazing cost saving streaming service at only £37.99 one off payment. This includes your 12 month registration fee of £25.00 plus your first months viewing of £12.99, thereafter only £12.99 per month. We also offer you the opportunity to share this service with others and receive in return not only your monthly streaming for FREE, but a very lucrative commission plan all for sharing with just 4 people or more.
Check out the video below and listen to Steve the owner who will explain in more detail exactly how this will work for you. 
Thanks Steve great video. As you can see from the diagram below just refer 4 friends, pass up 2 to your sponsor that's it. Your tv monthly is now FREE, plus you are now qualified to receive pass ups from you friends who want the same as you, FREE TV.
However it doesn't stop there as Steve has explained. It's an amazing system and you can quickly build up a nice and comfortable income. Simply because nearly every house has a TV and pay monthly for major channels. We charge just £12.99 per month for the same channels. So you save money and make money each and every month. 
Why Not Share And Invite Your Friends And Family 
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I do hope you can see the full picture and the benefits that we have available here at LBMtv. At this moment in time we are in the early stages, however when the word gets out everyone will be enjoying our streaming services and will also benefit from our exciting compensation plan that we offer. It's a WIN - WIN situation for everyone.
Take a few minutes more to watch a video below regarding registration explained by Steve the owner here at LBMtv exactly what to do when you join and what to expect in reply by way of emails and information. (Always Check Your Spam Folder) Thanks Steve
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Thank you for your interest with LBMtv and our streaming services, we look forward to working with you and helping you in any way we can. 
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